Our Motivations for Cycle Touring

As we stated sometimes on this blog and our Facebook page, we want to travel by bicycle starting 2016. What is our motivation for doing so, where did we find the inspiration and what are our goals? Let’s try to give some answers.

Working Holiday in Taiwan: Part 5 – Holiday

When you look at Taiwan on a map, it seems like quite a small island. Only about 200 by 400 km in area, it’s smaller than states in many other countries. Is it possible to keep yourself entertained here for a year? Yes. Very much so. I was really looking […]

Meeting A Girl In Sri Lanka

“Come in and sit, come, come!”, she said with a friendly smile and sparkling eyes staring at us. We were in the middle of a lonely village road, close to the Horton Plains in Sri Lanka, Yuily sitting on the asphalt, totally not ladylike, while Stephan walked around holding his […]

Working Holiday in Taiwan: Part 4 – Other Jobs

January 2015, I started a Working Holiday in Taiwan and soon after landed myself a position as a Teacher in a language institute. I really liked this job, I liked it so much more then I thought I would. One of the most satisfying parts about it is to see […]

Working Holiday In Taiwan: Part 3 – Working

I arrived in Taiwan, I had a place to stay and I had an e-mail in my inbox offering me work. I was off to a start on this working holiday. The e-mail came from one of the language institutes I applied to, they specialize in European languages, one of […]

Because of travel, we see, think and change ourselves

After holding a public discussion, we were so enthusiastic about talking to all these people interested in traveling that we didn’t want to leave. A little time ago Yuily joined another discussion about traveling. The host has traveled around the world when he was a student, about 20 years ago. […]

Working Holiday in Taiwan: Part 2 – Finding a Job

This post follows up on Part 1. If you haven’t read it, do so by clicking here. As I was flying to Taiwan, I couldn’t shake the worrying feeling off me. I was calm on the outside, but on the inside there was this apparent terror that I will now […]

Golden Tiles on German Streets

Difficult to find, on German streets you can find gold-colored tiles like this. Some of them in residential areas, some in the front of a shop, some in front of a seemingly new building. We didn’t really notice them until our Couchsurfing host in Berlin told us to watch out […]

Working Holiday In Taiwan: Part 1 – Preparations

As this website indicates, I’m currently in Taiwan on a Working Holiday Visa. This has proved to be quite an immersing experience. You can find plenty of information on the internet about Working Holidays in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, but the information on Taiwan is few and far in […]

Discussion About Traveling ─ Let Yourself Go!

We are proud to announce our second speech! We will be talking about several topics and invite you to take part and join in on the discussion! It will take place in a small cafe called EXT, with a big outdoor roof terrace, on Saturday, September 12 at 7:00 pm – 9:00 […]