Our Unlimited Cycling Dream: Iran Part 2

After cycling through northern Iran, we were now in full tourist mode, visiting historic cities and sights. One of the most regarded places in this regard was Isfahan, and we were excited for it!

Our Unlimited Cycling Dream: Iran Part 1

Iran. Even though it was a backpackers tip for traveling since a while already, it was still the country that raised the most concern from friends and family when we said that we’d be going there (partly also because of the name confusion with Iraq, since some warned us of […]

Our Unlimited Cycling Dream: Tajikistan Part 1

The famous Pamir highway. A strip of tarmac that was laid by the Soviets through the high mountains of Tajikistan has reached a high amount of fame from overland tourists. This fame reached me as well: Through several cyclist blogs I’ve been intrigued and just knew that I had to […]

Our Unlimited Cycling Dream: Kazakhstan

Perhaps “My” instead of “Our”, after separating from Yuily I was cycling through Kazakhstan myself while she took a flight to Kyrgyzstan. What waited for me was a country with incredibly untouched scenery and hospitable people.

Our Unlimited Cycling Dream: Yunnan, China

After arriving from Guilin by train, we went on to cycle the famous Yunnan tourist trail. Spectacular mountains and old towns waited for us, a very good cycling experience.