Our Unlimited Cycling Dream: Kenya Part 2

We had an interesting and enlightening start to our tour in Africa, and after sweating buckets on the lowlands, we were looking forward to the mild and scenic highlands.

Our Unlimited Cycling Dream: Kenya Part 1

The flights were booked, work was done, the decision was made: We were going to Africa. This continent still held lots of intimidation for me. Even though I read lots of blogs about people who cycled there, I still didn’t really know what to expect.

Our Unlimited Cycling Dream: Going North Part 2

After successfully managing to cycle from Germany to Trondheim, Norway, we were ready to cycle as far north as possible. We had amazing weather before, which just came to an end and we thought wouldn’t return until we head south again…

Our Unlimited Cycling Dream: Going North Part 1

After our Irish adventure was over, we had the whole of France to cycle through in October 2017, but I will not go into detail about that in a desperate attempt to catch up. What I can tell about it is that we enjoyed it, met many hospitable French people […]

Our Unlimited Cycling Dream: Ireland

The Emerald Isle… We heard many tales about its natural beauty and dramatic coastline, and furthermore recently many English and Scottish told us tales about the very hospitable nature of the people here. This turned out to be true, and I think we found one serious contender to Iran in […]

Our Unlimited Cycling Dream: Scotland

It wouldn’t be a lie if I said the thing I looked forward to the most in Great Britain was Scotland. Well known for its beautiful highland scenery and unique culture, it came recommended from many sides. But many sides had also warned us about the unpredictable weather and swarms […]

Our Unlimited Cycling Dream: England

The largest island of Europe, always a bit different. Our choice to cycle here was without much alternatives due to the Schengen-Area visa requirements. But we were still immensely looking forward to it: A language that we both could communicate in and very pretty scenery in Scotland.