Our Unlimited Cycling Dream: Tanzania Part 2

We have come to love Tanzania and have been looking forward to spending more time in this country and the rest of Africa. But an unfortunate twist forced us to abruptly change our plans.

Our Unlimited Cycling Dream: Tanzania Part 1

A big country lay ahead of us and the distances we had here gave us respect. We also had not planned to visit a major attraction here, so we’ve been prepared for many days that are all about making kilometers.

Our Unlimited Cycling Dream: Rwanda

A rather small country completed the trio of countries in East Africa for which our visa was valid. But this little country has much to offer. Known for the extremely brutal genocide of 1994, fewer people know what huge progress the country has made since then. It is today considered […]

Our Unlimited Cycling Dream: Uganda

Uganda was a country I was looking forward to a lot. Many cyclists and other travelers reported about the beautiful scenery here and the friendly, hospitable people. But after having such a good impression from Kenya, could Uganda beat it?

Our Unlimited Cycling Dream: Kenya Part 2

We had an interesting and enlightening start to our tour in Africa, and after sweating buckets on the lowlands, we were looking forward to the mild and scenic highlands.

Our Unlimited Cycling Dream: Kenya Part 1

The flights were booked, work was done, the decision was made: We were going to Africa. This continent still held lots of intimidation for me. Even though I read lots of blogs about people who cycled there, I still didn’t really know what to expect.

Our Unlimited Cycling Dream: Going North Part 2

After successfully managing to cycle from Germany to Trondheim, Norway, we were ready to cycle as far north as possible. We had amazing weather before, which just came to an end and we thought wouldn’t return until we head south again…