Our Unlimited Cycling Dream: Ireland

The Emerald Isle… We heard many tales about its natural beauty and dramatic coastline, and furthermore recently many English and Scottish told us tales about the very hospitable nature of the people here. This turned out to be true, and I think we found one serious contender to Iran in […]

Our Unlimited Cycling Dream: Scotland

It wouldn’t be a lie if I said the thing I looked forward to the most in Great Britain was Scotland. Well known for its beautiful highland scenery and unique culture, it came recommended from many sides. But many sides had also warned us about the unpredictable weather and swarms […]

Our Unlimited Cycling Dream: England

The largest island of Europe, always a bit different. Our choice to cycle here was without much alternatives due to the Schengen-Area visa requirements. But we were still immensely looking forward to it: A language that we both could communicate in and very pretty scenery in Scotland.

Our Unlimited Cycling Dream: The Netherlands

After nearly two months in my mother’s place, my travel batteries were more or less fully recharged. I was itching to get going again and looking forward to the adventures ahead. Yuily had to leave the Schengen Area on June 2, so we set off on May 20 with the […]

Our Unlimited Cycling Dream: Getting Married

May 2014 – I was in a hostel private room in Malaysia, with Yuily, who I met a few weeks before in New Zealand. There was a significant romance going on inside me, more than your average backpacker date. We could talk for hours, and one topic we had was […]

Our Unlimited Cycling Dream: Germany, Home

Ever since starting this trip, connecting our home countries, cycling from Taiwan to Germany, was a huge motivation for us to continue cycling. When someone asked us, at any point in the trip, what’s our destination, the answer would be: Germany. Here we were now, and while not the end […]

Our Unlimited Cycling Dream: Italy

Italy, a country that is immediately associated with its history and food. We had plenty of reasons to look forward to cycling here and, in the end, even more reasons to return one day. The hospitality and the excellent bicycle infrastructure were things we didn’t expect.

Our Unlimited Cycling Dream: West Balkan

After entering Europe, countries definitely became smaller and immigration procedures easier. Since we basically followed the Adriatic sea all the way, I decided to group these countries together into this article.

Our Unlimited Cycling Dream: Greece

The Greek islands are some major tourist spots, and everyone has seen a few pictures of Santorini before. Coming from southern Turkey, we had the chance to see them.